The Madballs Blind Packs feature favorite unsightly Madballs characters in a collectible 1.5" pocket size. Each Madball is made with amazingly grotesque detail and comes packaged in a foil blind pack, ready to be revealed! These totally gross figures are perfect for both kids and collectors alike!

Series 1 blind bags

Series 2 blind bags

Madballs are back and grosser than ever! Kids and collectors alike will freak out over these unsightly characters that have become a cult classic since their first introduction in 1985. Each three inch Madball is made with amazingly grotesque detail and features a soft foam material - perfect for tossing, slamming, bouncing and collecting! Collect all six Madballs characters including: Dustbrain, Horn Head, Oculus Orbus, Screamin' Meemie, Skull Face, and Slobulus. Each sold separately.

Series 1
3'' foam balls

Series 2
3'' foam balls